Wiping out and being held under water can be a stressful situation, even for the most experienced surfers. Being unprepared for these type of breath-holds can create barriers for beginners and advanced surfers wishing to improve.

This course takes the breathing and mental techniques used by top level freedivers and adapts them for use in the high intensity scenario of a forced breath-hold during a wipeout.


We are a Freediving and Surf Breath-Hold Training Centre located in the vibrant surfing hub of Canggu, Bali. We offer courses and training for complete beginners right up to instructor level.

Our courses come from the most up-to-date freediving education system in the world, designed by the world’s top freedivers and delivered by highly experienced instructors. ​

Breath Hold Training for Surfing

Course Duration: 1 Day
You’ll learn about the adaptations the human body goes through when under water and how to handle the strong urge to breath and avoid panic.You will learn breathing techniques that will help you to recover from a wipeout quickly, which will in turn lead to increased stamina during your surf sessions.

Surf Survival Course Canggu

Day 1

Topics covered:

  • Buoyancy and how it affects us in the water
  • The dive reflex
  • O2, CO2 and the urge to breath
  • Breath-hold training techniques

Course structure:

  • Theory session 1
  • Pool session 1

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